Character Interviews - Stella (and Incubus)
Stella Interview
Season: Character Interviews
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:00
Death Count: n/a


  • Cameraman: Hello there, Stella.
  • Stella: Um, Hello...Incubus is here too...
  • Cameraman: Who is Incubus?
  • Stella: He's my evil shadow. You should, um...probably address him.
  • Cameraman: ...There's no shadows in here really...
  • Stella: Well, okay.
  • Cameraman: So Stella who are your best friends? Your shadow I suppose?
  • Stella: No! My good friends are Rubber, Greg, Flaky and...sometimes Toothy.
  • Cameraman: Ah. Why not your shadow?
  • Stella: He...isn't exactly helpful...
  • Cameraman: Well Stella thanks for your time. The interview's over.
  • Stella: (Stella talks in a slightly different tone) Wait, you dolt! You didn't ask about me!
  • Cameraman: What the heck? *Runs off with camera*

(Interview Session Ends)

Trivia Edit

This interview shows that Stella's shadow does not appear on camera or show itself to others, however it can sometimes talk through Stella.