• Camera Man: Oh, hello friends, today we are going to ask Laurens some questions about the new HTF spinoff called Happy Tree Friends Twists! Let's start the interview!
  • Laurens: Okay!
  • Camera Man: So, I don't know if you can tell use but... are you going to have your own episode in the first season.
  • Laurens: Yes, but they are going to be Trashy - Laurens episodes.
  • Camera Man: Oh, nice!
  • there going to be romance in the first season?
  • Laurens: Yes, a little bit, but I can't tell...what it is...
  • Camera man: Oh, I understand. Can you tell use something about the pilot episode?
  • Laurens: No, I can't..I'm sorry!
  • Camera Man: That's okay Laurens
  • Laurens: But it'll be fun! I promise!
  • Camera Man: Okay, It's time to finish our interview, is that alright with you?
  • Laurens: Yes, good bye!

-The interview ends-