Name: Conspiracy
Gender: Male
Species: Wolf
Colors: Green
Interests: Conspiracy theories, helping others
Friends: Grinny, Snuffly
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: Roadway Danger


Conspiracy is a green wolf with yellow markings and ragged fur. His name comes from the fact that he believes in many conspiracy theories, and he suspects that something big and awful will happen soon. He gets most of his information from reading books and even doing his own investigations with his video camera.

Many people think he is crazy and is sometimes mocked because of the stuff he believes. While he seems strange to many he has a few close friends that believe some of the theories he has told them.

While he is usually fearful, he will often try to warn others and protest. This usually ends up with him failing, but he still continues. Despite this he can sometimes relax and have fun, especially when he is with his friends which seems to distract him from the theories he thinks about.





  1. Roadway Danger - Dies in car crash.
  2. Quarantine - Falls off railing