Name: DarkFire
Gender: Male
Species: Zebra
Colors: Dark Blue
Interests: Knives, Puzzles
Friends: Tirek, Flippy, Sharpshot
Enemies: Tiger General
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


DarkFire is a dark Blue Zebra that was in the W.A.R. with Flippy. He was a good soldier, and mainly liked using knives, which interested him. During the war, he experienced a lot of trauma, two of which changed his life.

The first, was when he was captured by a tiger soldier(tba) and was held prisoner by the Tiger General. When he refused to give information, the Tiger General massacred several other Tree Town soldiers and spread their bodies in the jungle. He left an unconscious DarkFire there to wake up and discover the horrific scene.

DarkFire was very traumatized by this and bolted into the Jungle to escape. He amazingly ran into Knip who had been helping to look for him. Knip helped him back to the camp, but due to the W.A.R.'s neglect of mental illnesses, DarkFire was not allowed to return home.

His time in the war after was difficult but the other members on his team secretly let Darkfire rest more often and took over the front lines for him. When the team had to visit a Navy drilling rig however, disaster struck.

The rig started getting bombed and everyone struggled to get away onto high speed lifeboats. Darkfire was struck in the head, and his team, assuming he was dead, tearfully left him behind. They had no idea that the impact wasn't very severe and Darkfire woke up hours later, stranded on the broken down rig.

DarkFire somehow managed to survive there for almost an entire year, and was discovered after the war ended, much to the shock of his teammates. They were horrified and incredibly guilty, but DarkFire was very forgiving and just happy to see his teammates again.

Obviously, DarkFire has intense PTSD that he is attending therapy for, but he still has a difficult time, and is prone to flipping out. He is very kind at heart though and is just tired from all he has endured.





  1. What a Painty Mess - Brain Damage (debatable)
  2. Hit Me with your Best Shot - Crushed