Evil Snuffly
Evil Snuffly
Name: Evil Snuffly
Gender: Female
Species: Anteater
Colors: Purple
Interests: War weapons, Killing
Friends: Almost no one
Enemies: Nearly everyone
Love interests: Sweezy
First Appearance: Dark Ride


Evil Snuffly is the homicidal side of Snuffly. She is a ruthless killer and has very good reaction time, meaning she can dodge most attacks thrown at her. Her evil side is a result of Good Snuffly (normal Snuffly) being reminded of her traumatizing event on her war ship when the Tiger General attacked her.

Snuffly's evil side is a part of her and she cannot seem to control it. When she is flipped out her eyes turn red and her voice turns to growls. Once Snuffly has changed into Evil Snuffly she usually won't snap back unless she is knocked over, or something hits her. On rare occasions she can snap herself out of her flip out.


Evil Snuffly is generally cruel and is focused on killing others, because she thinks she is still in the war. She usually does not torment her victims, she kills them often in a graphic way.

She appears to have a liking for Sweezy, as she never kills him and sometimes is seen watching him like in Monster Under the Bed. She could possibly have romantic feelings for him which fits her evil side for obvious reasons.

Evil Snuffly's Episodes and Flip OutsEdit

  • Dark Ride - A skull picture that look likes the Tiger General makes her flip.
  • Tiny Peridot - Unknown cause, but she was in an eye doctors office, so possibly eye pain.
  • Book of Death - Unknown cause.