Grinny is a snake like creature who does not have eyes. He can sense his environment mainly through his other senses and can perform most basic tasks. Instead of breathing air he lacks lungs and gets his oxygen from keeping his skin moist, often carrying a sponge with him in cause he needs more water. He himself does not know what species he is and hopes to find out some day. Many tree friends are frightened by his appearance and often will run away from him screaming much to his dismay. He gets upset by this but is usually comforted by his close group of friends who don't fear him.






  • His actual species is called Atretochoana eiselti, and it was thought to be extinct until scientists found two of them alive in Brazil. When the creator saw the pictures of the animal she noticed it looked like the snake was smiling so she decided to draw it.
  • The species is also not technically a snake, it is closer to an amphibian.