Happy Tree Friends Twist is a HTF spinoff serie created by GayleRainbow.


HTFT is less violent then the original show, the main characters of the episodes never or rarely die. The character talk english.


Episode number Name Plot/Story Roles Release Date Link
001 Lovely Trashy Trashy is looking for a girlfriend and Laurens wants to help her. TrashyLaurens and Silver Unknown ---
002 Safelie VS Bad Monkey Safelie tries to stop Bad Monkey from hurting other Tree Friends, she gets help from her best friend Gary. SafelieGary and Bad Monkey Oktober 17, 2015 ---
003 Raven (Halloween Special) A mysterious Raven appears in Town and is up to no good. Esther, Gary, Laurens and Greg and Unknown Raven Character Oktober 31, 2015 ---
004 The Water falls Greg meets a my mysterious Water Nymph but should he trust her? Nymph, Greg, Esther and Skittles --- ---
005 Day Dream Florina Florina wishes upon a start, the next day she gets what she wants and believes that her Magic is real. Florina, Safelie and Greg --- ---
006 Boom Falls in Love Boom meets a new girl in town and falls in Love. Boom,  Greg and Unnamed Gerbil  Character --- ---


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Characters that possibly are Main Characters, however they didn't appeared in the HTFT promo picture.