Just Past Dawn
Season: 1
Writer: TreeFriendUser111
Length: 2:08
Death Count: 3

Just Past Dawn is a fan episode by TreeFriendUser111. In this episode DarkFire spends a typical morning killing people.






DarkFire is seen waking up in the morning. He is flipped out (as usual) and he walks outside into a convenience store. Among the guests are Knip, Spiney, and Giggles. Darkfire grabs a slice of pizza and casually waits in line. Missingno however, recognizes Darkfire and backs away.

Darkfire then grabs Spiney by the neck and laughs evily. Giggles screams and Darkfire drops Spiney and heads towards her. He grabs Giggle's head and shoves it into the hot dog rollers, burning her face. Giggles' drops to the ground and Missingno tries to escape out the door. Spiney escapes but when Missingno goes out Darkfire presses a switch that forces the automatic doors shut, slicing him in half.

Lumpy, the cashier, stares at the bloody mess in shock. Darkfire jumps on Lumpy and stabs his Bowie knife in his neck. He laughs madly as Grinny walks in. Grinny pauses, then, sensing the mess, turns around a leaves.


  • Giggles' face is burnt
  • Missingno is sliced in half
  • Lumpy's neck is stabbed


  • It is unusual that Darkfire let Spiney live.
  • Skittles can be seen outside the store.