Name: Lapis
Gender: Female
Species: Squirrel
Colors: Blue
Interests: TV and movies, sometimes drawing
Friends: Aurora, Tirek
Enemies: Disco Bear, Jasper
Love interests: Peridot and Sharky (girlfriends)
First Appearance: tba


Lapis is a female blue squirrel that has the power to control water. Mainly she can control oceans. She can create wings made out of water with her powers and can gather water. Her emotions can also have an effect on water.

Lapis is generally very shy and sometimes even dreary. She has a very troubled past, and has PTSD from it, though she refuses to get help as she doesn't want to have to talk about what happened to her. She does not flip out like others with PTSD, when she has flashbacks she will have a meltdown and begin crying, panicking, and will often try to 'escape' whatever she is envisioning. She is generally good with everything and will even watch horror movies, but she can't handle seeing someone get punched in the head and chest/stomach area or being electrocuted.

Although she is a squirrel she seems to be of alien origin. She also has a phobia of mirrors.






  1. Steamed Shower - Cracks head open


  1. Bad Blood - Gets a mosquito bite


  • She is a htf version of Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe.