Nutty Profile Picture
Name: Nutty
Gender: Male
Species: Squirrel
Colors: Green
Interests: Candy, Sweets, soda, video games
Friends: Sniffles
Enemies: Pop, Evil Flippy
Love interests: Depends
First Appearance: Nutty-ella


Nutty is a light green squirrel with one yellow diamond shaped marking on his head and a large curled-up tail that moves when he's excited. Nutty has an addiction for candy or anything that is sugary. He has candy stuck to his fur, which he treats as his wardrobe, although this sometimes changes. It's apparent that he has an amblyopia, or lazy eye, as it's almost always looking down and drops down whenever he looks somewhere else. It seems that this eye can cause him to mistake objects for candy (ex. Christmas lights for small wrapped candies).

Nutty is a jittery squirrel who loves candy. He is shown to be selfish when getting his candy, even causing his own death to get candy. As a result of his huge sugar intake, he is often hyperactive and jittery, even the slightest amount of sugar will set him off. He even giggles more than he talks and giggles occasionally when he is dying. Despite his condition, he can make friends.






  1. Nutty-ella - Hit by car
  2. Hit Me with your Best Shot - Crushed
  3. LiFt-E - Face smashed in
  4. Flirty Kringle - Impaled in back of head


  1. Nutty-ella - Injected with acid