Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 2:59
Death Count: 4
Nutty-ella is a fan episode. In this episode Nutty gets addicted to Nutella.






Nutty is seen browsing through the grocery store. He passes by all the aisles bored and looks for candy. He suddenly sees Giggles with a brown bottle. Giggles smiles and opens the jar. Nutty chuckles as he smells the chocolate and then starts licking the inside of the jar. He rolls around in it getting chocolate all over his fur. Tipper watches the scene from afar, concerned.

Nutty takes the last three jars of Nutella and runs up to the counter. Neon is waiting for him to pay but Nutty is so hyper he decides to just let him leave. Nutty runs outside with the jars right into the street causing Thorny to swerve his car around him. Thorny ends up turning his car over due to him losing control of the wheel.

Nutty is completely unaware of the accident as he struggles to open the jars. Tipper and Neon run outside since they heard the crash. Neon gasps and runs back inside while Tipper looks at Nutty. Mintly has found Nutty and is trying to get him to calm down. Mintly opens a jar of Nutella for Nutty and he starts scooping it out with his hands. Tipper runs over and yells at Mintly, and tries to get the last two jars away from Nutty. Mintly, who is unaware of how insane Nutty is becoming, tries to get the jars back. The two fight over the jars until Nutty jumps onto Mintly.

Tipper gasps and tries to pull Nutty off Mintly. Nutty takes the jars from Mintly's hands and tramples her while running away. Tipper, in shock, decides he has to stop Nutty. He yells for Neon to chase after and catch Nutty. Neon does so and tries to hold Nutty to drag him back to Tipper. Nutty is foaming at the mouth and flips Neon over. Neon hits a wall and splatters.

Tipper finally reaches Nutty and tries to restrain him. He gets a tranquilizer from his coat and injects it into Nutty's neck. Nutty begins screaming and his skin starts to rash. Tipper looks in horror and sees that he had grabbed an acid injection rather than a tranquilizer. Nutty yells and stumbles into the street, wobbling from the extra weight he's gained. He is then hit by a car. Cuddles is across the street and runs to Nutty's dead body and screams. Tipper looks wide eyed and backs away from the scene.


  • Thorny is crushed by his car
  • Mintly is trampled
  • Neon is splattered agianst a wall
  • Nutty is hit by a car


  • Nutty is injected with acid