Over Shadowed
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:46
Death Count: 4

Over Shadowed is the 11th episode in the series. It introduces Stella and Incubus.






Stella is seen walking in town when she looks behind her cautiously. Seeing her shadow, she gets scared and runs away. Squeaky watches this, confused.

Stella decides to go to Sophie's house to see if she can help. Sophie believes Stella when she tells her about her shadow. Sophie tries to get Stella's shadow to communicate. Stella's shadow goes across the floor and out the window and Stella is happy thinking that her shadow will bother her no more. Sophie smiles, happy to have helped.

Stella goes home to her house and invites a friend over. She screams however, when she sees her shadow tapping on the window. Stella shuts the window but Incubus is able to drape through it. Stella shudders and runs outside, while Incubus follows her. She runs across the street however the other tree friends don't seem to see what she is running from. Handy, Skittles, and Ringo are among those watching. Incubus runs by and causes the cement in the sidewalk to fly up and kill them.

Stella screams and Misao is near her on the sidewalk. Before she can say anything, she is strangled by an invisible force and Incubus laughs evily. Stella twitches and Incubus fades away behind her as the episode ends.


  • Handy, Skittles, and Ringo are hit with cement chunks
  • Miaso is strangled