Roadway Danger
Greg eh
Season: 1
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 2:00
Death Count: 4





Greg is seen walking somewhere when he suddenly stops. We see him looking at confusing signs and not sure where to go. With cars going past quickly on the street he backs away. He starts talking to Bulls to decide which way he should go.

Tipper sees this and shakes his head. He walks up to Greg and points him to the right direction. Greg thanks him but sees that there are no crosswalks so he is forced to wait until traffic dies down. Tipper watches Greg wait for a while as evening starts to draw near. Tipper, obviously drunk, decides to pull out a ray gun of some sort. He walks to the road and shoots the beam forcing all the cars to stop behind a force field.

Most of the cars end up crashing due to the speed they were going. Spaz, Dash, Sugar, and Conspiracy are mangled in the mess. Sugar's truck spills a bunch of candy. Tipper walks Greg across the street and hiccups. Greg awkwardly thanks him and goes over to meet with Skittles. Meanwhile Tirek, runs over to the pile of candy and takes one to eat.


  • Spaz, Sugar, and Conspiracy are crushed in the pile up.