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This wiki was made specifically for HTF Fan Characters in mind. It is different from other wikis however because here we allow fanfiction and roleplay along with episodes. It was also made as a less crowded place for people wanting to promote their characters.

General Rules

  • You can have religion in your episodes, but you cannot belittle, or harass another user if something goes against yours.
  • LGBT is allowed.
  • Sexual Content is allowed but it must be brief. For example a character can walk in on a couple, but graphic descriptions are not allowed. Also you can only use your own characters in a sexual way, not anyone elses.
  • Swearing is allowed, just censor it like so ---> Sh*t, F*ck, A**

  • NO ART THEFT. Please do not trace over another artists work.
  • We encourage you to draw on your own, or to use a base.
  • Bases cannot be posted blank, unless the base is free for anyone to use without credit.
  • Don't insult other's artwork. Everyone is learning.

  • Mary-Sues are allowed, but they will be put into the mary sue category. So do not be like a certain sue, and deny or try to say that yours isn't if it truly is. Remember Mary-Sues are characters who are nearly identical to a cannon, and sometimes they date canon characters.
  • Over Powered Characters are allowed.
  • No humans please! This is HTF!
  • any kind of animal is allowed!

  • Writing is highly encouraged here and you can write your own fan episodes.
  • Please remember to be creative!
  • You can also write fanfiction but if there is mature content you need to have a warning at the top of the page. Same goes for legitimate triggers such as graphic descriptions of abuse or war.
  • Fan episodes are also allowed.

Here are the categories we have on this wiki.

  • Characters Self explanatory. They are broken down into cannon and fanon, animals, color, male or female, and user.
  • Stories - These are for all written works. They can be fan episodes, and fanfiction.