Name: Scythe
Gender: Female
Species: Lizard
Colors: Red
Interests: Anatomy, Movies
Friends: Tirek, Scratches
Enemies:  ???
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Scythe is a female red lizard that lives in Happy Tree Town. She has scaly red skin, but has a scar on her chest from self injury.

Scythe is obsessed with the body and internal organs. She wanted to be a doctor but feared that she was too clumsy and would injure patients by mistake. She really didn't apply though, because other tree friends find her strange and worry that she will start expermenting on others to fuel her obsession. She herself spent some time in a mental hospital after cutting her chest open with a scalpel to see what her heart and ribcage looked like.

Scythe also likes to sleep and may have a form of Narcolepsy, as she will get tired during the day and will go home to sleep.