Name: Snuffly
Gender: Female
Species: Anteater
Colors: Purple
Interests: War tactics, helping others
Friends: Flippy, Tirek, Trailblazer
Enemies: Tiger General
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: Dark Ride


Snuffly is a Purple Anteater who served in the war. Snuffly happily served in the war with others. She was in the same war as Flippy, but served in the Navy force, which is why her army uniform is a different design. Most of her time was spent on a ship in the Weaponized Animal Regiment Navy amongst a beach of bases and forts but sometimes going out to deep sea.

The scar on her eye was caused when she came face to face with The Tiger General himself when he tried to raid her teams ship. After slashing Snuffly's eye with his claw she fought back with all her might as her teammates came to her aid.

Ever since the war she has had intense trauma, and like Flippy she experiences flips outs. While flipped-out, several physical features about her change: her eyes turn a different color, usually red, and her voice turns to growls. Additionally, when she "flips-out", she doesn't remember the bloody rampage that follows.

Although Snuffly can be one of the most dangerous characters when "flipped-out", in her normal state, she is one of the kindest of characters, especially around her friends. She suffers from insomnia and gets easily sad; especially after she flips out. She also is sensitive about her scar and foggy eye, sometimes even being teased by the crueler characters.





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