Name: Squeaky
Gender: Male
Species: Bat
Colors: Pink
Interests: Friends, Games
Friends: Ano, Flippy
Enemies: Petunia,
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Squeaky is a pink bat that is mentally incoherent. Because of this, he often (unintentionally) causes the deaths of others. He usually does not speak, instead he usually squeaks like how a real bat would. He is often teased by bullies because he is unable to carry out basic tasks. A lot of other tree friends feel like he should just stay at home, to avoid getting in the way. He has a few friends who think he deserves better.

Squeaky does mean well, however because of his state of mind he is unable to preform simple tasks. He sometimes will not notice, but there are other times when he can tell he has made a mistake. When he does notice, he feels bad and will "shut down", not speaking and staying in place, looking at the floor.