Name: Twisty
Gender: Male
Species: Puma
Colors: Purple
Interests: Circuses, Kids
Friends:  ???
Enemies:  ???
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Twisty is a quiet blue puma that is a clown. He wears a mask like accessory that covers his lower face and a party hat that is connected. The mask has a wide smile on it giving him the appearance that he is always smiling. It was revealed that he is missing his lower jaw, and that is why he wears the mask.

He used to be a regular clown and liked kids. Something made him go insane and now he murders people and lives in a old rv in the woods. He apparently dislikes tree friends with abnormalities. He is a cameo character, but the creator wants to let him have a few starring roles.


Starring RolesEdit